The 8-Week Natural Health Crash Course (DIGITAL)

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The 8-Week Natural Health Crash Course (DIGITAL)

Take a deep dive into 8 weeks of natural health and wellness topics with experts in the field!

Learn more about..

- functional wholefood and medicinal mushrooms

- clean Keto eating

- adaptogenic herbs

- natural support for cancer

- organic coffee

- fermentation

- benefits of acupuncture

- effects of blue light

- holistic and biological dentistry

- pre-Alzheimers and Alzheimers, and its correlation to eye health

.... and MORE!


With printable outlines for EACH module plus THREE bonus sessions with printable outlines, this is an incredible way to learn about several topics of holistic health at a sustainable pace. You'll get one lesson per week for 8 weeks, delivered to your inbox!