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Holistic Made Easy was created in early 2017 by husband/wife team Andy & Adrienne Neale. It wouldn't exist if their family hadn't hit their own health roadblocks in 2013. Here's their story...

Just after finding out I was expecting our first child, my husband Andy took a rapid downward spiral into multiple autoimmune diseases. Most outwardly affected were his hands, which flared up into never-ending blisters, open wounds and severe inflammation. As a personal trainer and bass player in a rock band, Andy was unable to do what he truly loved for the better part of two years, having to take a break from playing bass until his hands healed and struggling with helping clients work out, let alone handle equipment or much else without constant pain in his hands.

(These photos were taken in early 2015, after about 18 months of Andy's symptoms becoming worse and worse especially on his hands and arms. We took these so we could show people how bad it got and how much healing we knew he would have going the holistic route, even if it took time.)

In early 2015, we both were experiencing worse health. I tried to excuse it away as fatigue from having a new baby, hormones, diet, shifting from full-time career to being a work-from-home-around-the-baby's-schedule Mama, but after Andy got to the point of not being able to do much more than sleep and continuing to experience multiple severe symptoms, adding more and more medications and doctor's visits (and being told repeatedly that Andy's condition would always be present and handed more scripts for medications), one of our dear holistic friends suggested we test the home we were living in for mold. After reading up about mold toxicity and seeing that many of our symptoms matched up, and doing lots of research on autoimmune illnesses as a result of both mold toxicity and leaky gut caused by mold, reports confirmed our suspicion: 6 toxic strains plus numerous others showed up in our home. What had already started in Andy's body had gotten much worse in this new house- the house that we had excitedly moved into made us both very sick, and when our new little one, Xavier, was born June 2014, it wasn't too long before he started showing signs of gut issues, too.


(Andy in Oct 2014 w/ Xavier at one of his lowest points; the three of us in Oct 2014; one of Xavier's many eczema flare-ups in our old moldy house, March 2015; one of Andy's many bloodwork appts w/ his functional doc in 2016)

Desperate, we tried any and every elimination, detox, muscle testing, juicing diet we could find; we threw out any and all chemicals in our house; visited all kinds of doctors from allergists to chiropractors to MD to functional medicine. After a dozen different docs, lots of bills, and lots of people saying, "you'll always deal with this, your diet and environment have nothing to do with this, you'll just need to take these medications," we KNEW there was a better way. We refused to believe that staying medicated and suffering side effects was the answer, all-the-while seeing a trend that didn't address diet, stress management, environment in the mainstream medical world, and knew that if we were getting frustrated and not receiving hope, there had to be others in the same situation who wanted options beyond just medication.

 We became our own advocates, partnered with an incredible functional medical doctor, followed strict autoimmune protocols, overhauled everything the mold touched in our old home, moved out, started the process of detoxing from candida overgrowth and leaky gut-induced issues brought on by toxic mold, and made significant lifestyle changes so our health could be restored.


(Adrienne, Andy and Xavier in May 2017, celebrating better health as we continue our journey; Andy's hands in early 2016, continually showing healing)

We are seeing better health through all of the natural solutions we've pursued. We have maneuvered through some overwhelming waters to find holistic solutions and are still learning new things daily. We aren't 100%, as we're still detoxing from the mold and have occasional flare-ups with our autoimmune issues, but we are doing much better and these days symptoms are much easier to manage. And now we want to help others. We believe we're meant to share and encourage and help others who are desperate to get their health back, their energy back, their lives back. Autoimmune conditions are rising at an alarming rate and it takes an average of 18 months and numerous doctors to diagnose these issues. Over half of US adults have pre-existing and chronic disease of some kind. Time is precious and our hope is to help others not have to go through what we went through, to gain some of that time and life back, to help people find confidence in becoming their own health advocates, and finding the balance between natural solutions and medical remedies.

We believe that our bodies were created to heal if we make room for them to do so. That means making better choices in diet, supplementation, activities, reducing stress and toxic load in our bodies and environment, and sometimes overhauling your entire lifestyle. This didn't happen overnight for us; it was incremental changes that have all added up, and our health isn't perfect but it's been remarkably restored. We look back with both gratefulness and amazement at how far we've come. And our son? He's now three and is the smartest, healthiest, happiest kid we've ever seen. We know that starting him at such a young age on this healthy track sets up him for an advantage for the rest of his life.

Are you looking for natural solutions for your own health journey? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to get started? We're here to help you and encourage you. We want to make holistic solutions EASY for you to find, to understand and to use.

Welcome to Holistic Made Easy.

-Adrienne & Andy Neale, Owners/Founders