Thanksgiving TURKEY & EGGNOG Shout-Outs: My Favorite Go-To Links

Adrienne Neale

Over the last few years, I've found a couple of go-to links that I just love and love to share when it comes to Thanksgiving prep.


Are you brining and cooking your own turkey this year? Look no further than The Pioneer Woman's tried-and-true brine and turkey recipes:

Suggested schedule for turkey:

Turkey (brined and cooked at home)

Thaw Sat/Sun in fridge, brine Mon/Tue/Wed, cook it depending on eat time/weight of turkey (see Pioneer Woman's recipe for turkey, you'll understand what I mean)- basic rule of thumb- 1 lb/turkey per person, 1.5-2 lb turkey/person for leftovers



I found this darling beauty two years ago when our family was still extremely limited and didn't touch any dairy. We still use it as our go-to eggnog recipe as it's super-easy, really tasty and it's CLEAN. No added preservatives, processed anything. Make it fresh and double the recipe- it goes fast when we make it!


I hope you'll check these out! They're a favorite in our house!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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