Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes & Sweet Corn

Adrienne Neale

Who doesn't love a HUGE pile of mashed potatoes and corn on Thanksgiving? This recipe swaps standard potatoes and corn for organic red potatoes and organic corn and includes a suggested schedule as well as some optional add-ins for variety and flavor depending on your diet and restrictions. These foods are best enjoyed in moderation, as starches can heighten issues with inflammation, candida overgrowth and cause other health problems. They're a rare treat in our house. Enjoy!


By Adrienne Neale, Holistic Made Easy


Suggestions: half-pound potatoes per person for Thanksgiving plus leftovers; suggested schedule: cut Wed PM, refrigerate, cover in water so they don’t brown. Prepare fresh Thursday.

Rinse and cut your potatoes into 1/2" pieces, skin-on and place into a big pot of boiling water. Boil potatoes in water until you can get a knife/fork through the middle easily. Drain water, transfer to mixing bowl. Add in:

½-¾ cup milk of choice (we do almond)

4 Tbsp butter/ghee

and the following to taste:

sea salt, cracked black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, dill weed.

If you can do dairy, to make them super creamy, you can add in:

½ package of organic cream cheese

1/4 cup organic sour cream

Blend until you reach desired consistency.

Optional: fry up 3-4 pieces uncured, clean bacon and crumble up, topping potatoes with bacon, chives and dill weed.


Suggestions: If raw, cut from cobs Wed, refrigerate and cook Thursday; if frozen, pull out and cook Thursday. Plan on 2 cobs per person or 2 people per one small bag of corn.

Cook according to directions (steam the cobs or cook with a bit of water in saucepan if frozen).

Drain the water, add in to taste:

butter/ghee/coconut oil

sea salt

cracked pepper.

Best if made right before eating so it’s fresh and doesn’t get overcooked.


ENJOY! If you use these recipes, I'd love to see your pics/stories on our Facebook page (! Feel free to share this too, just tag back and show me some holistic love!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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