Thanksgiving Food Prep Schedule

Adrienne Neale

Hi friends! If you're hosting Thanksgiving or making a ton of food..... I'm here to help! Check out this suggested schedule for various foods, and modify as you need to for whatever you're making/not making. I hope this helps! You should enjoy Thanksgiving too, not be stressed, sleep-deprived or hate the holiday because you're burned out with being in the kitchen.



By Adrienne Neale, Holistic Made Easy



Start thawing out turkey in refrigerator.


Continue thawing out turkey in refrigerator.


Make ahead and freeze cali vegetable & green bean casseroles.
Begin brining the turkey in the refrigerator.
Make pumpkin pies and once cooled, wrap well in plastic wrap and foil, freeze.


Continue brining the turkey in the refrigerator.
Boil eggs for deviled eggs and place back into the refrigerator until Wednesday.


Continue brining the turkey in the refrigerator.
AM: Pull pumpkin pie(s), green bean and california veggie casseroles out to thaw, put in refrigerator once thawed while still cool.
Crack, peel eggs, prepare empty whites and make filling, either assemble or keep separate until Thursday and place back into fridge.
Cut and cook beets, drain and place in fridge once cooled.
Make Paleo sweet potato casserole, place into fridge when cooled. (Keep nuts separate so they don't get soggy. Place on when heating back up.)
Cut and assemble crudité and cheese/pickled trays, place back into fridge. (do in PM)
Rinse and cut organic red potatoes up for boiling Thursday, place in bowl, cover with water so they don't brown, and put into refrigerator.
Prep ingredients for stuffing; bake ahead if desired, or keep wet/dry ingredients separate in refrigerator until Thursday morning for more crisp stuffing.

Begin turkey EARLY enough so it's ready for eating time. Do some math- appro. 15 min per lb of turkey, and add in an extra hour-90 minutes to be safe.
Boil and make mashed potatoes; can be kept on low until serving.
Set oven to 350, reheat green bean and california vegetable casseroles, sweet potato casserole, bake stuffing. (Use toaster oven/extra oven if you have them!)
Set out drinks and appetizers 90 minutes-2 hours before eating time.
Cook corn approximately 30 minutes before eating time, warm up beets if desired.
Once casseroles are warmed up and ready for the meal, pop pies/desserts into already-warmed oven to heat back up; can even turn oven off and keep warm.

REMEMBER: Give yourself extra time, extra grace- have FUN- delegate if someone offers to help. Have a glass of wine, dairy-free eggnog (see recipe link!) or something you enjoy, listen to Christmas music or put on a festive show/movie. Above all, remember.. it's about the TIME with FAMILY and FRIENDS, not about the food. Reflect on His goodness and blessings- we all much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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