Thanksgiving Beets

Adrienne Neale

If beets are a must for your Thanksgiving meal, give this easy recipe a try! I have a suggested timeframe below as well for making ahead of time if you're prepping a TON of food. Enjoy!


By Adrienne Neale, Holistic Made Easy

Suggested Schedule for Thanksgiving:

cut Wednesday, can either cook in CrockPot/instapot/stovetop on Wednesday, refrigerate and reheat for Thursday, or...

cut Wed, pop in Thursday depending on room and other heating devices in your kitchen.

Rule of thumb: not everyone likes beets so plan on 1 large beet per two people or 1 small-medium beet per person. This one can go in the CrockPot or Instapot-- HIGHLY recommend as you can set and forget it.


Wash and remove “tails” and leaves from beets, slice into ¼” thick pieces longways, or into 2-3” cubed chunks, place in CrockPot or Instapot. Fill bottom of pot with 1” water, set to low and cook 4-6 hours in CrockPot; use standard vegetable setting on Instapot. Let cool, drain water when they’re tender but not mushy, place in container for Thanksgiving meal. Salt/stevia/Lakanto/cracked black pepper to taste.  


ENJOY! If you try this for Thanksgiving, feel free to share your pics and stories on our Facebook page! ( Feel free to share this, but please tag back and show me some love. Happy Thanksgiving!



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