Six Ways I Use One of My "Secret" Recipe Ingredients

When our family started cleaning up our diet a few years ago, I first read about coconut aminos in Dr. Amy Myers' book, The Autoimmune Solution. (Highly recommended read, BTW..). Only I didn't bother to try them until, oh, last year. Can I just tell you that as a family who can be extremely limited on the condiments that are "safe" for us to use, THIS was a GAME-changer?

So I contacted the good people of Coconut Secret as I was already a raving fan of their aminos, and they sent me this AMAZING care package so I could try even more of their incredible products! (quick side note: I'm not being paid to share this... I just LOVE their stuff so much and think you should know all about it, too!) Y'all... if you've not tried them, or you're in your own journey of cleaning up your diet- THIS is a must-have in your kitchen.

Coconut aminos are safe for virtually everyone- save the folks with coconut allergies- and they replace products containing soy, artificial colors (caramel coloring? No thanks.), artificial flavorings, aspartame, sucralose, actual sugar, etc. etc. For those who are watching their sodium intake, it's advisable to also watch portion with these sauces and perhaps enjoy them in small quantities.

I found myself lacking nothing in terms of flavor or enjoyment when using these in my food, and so I'm here to share......

Six Ways I Use This "Secret" Recipe Ingredient (get it?)

1. Salad Dressing- Drizzle this loveliness all over the top of your salads, even mix it in with EVOO and blend up with raspberries, mandarin oranges or mango for a yummy summer- or Asian-fusion- inspired dressing. Here is a summer salad I love to make with Teriyaki Sauce as the dressing. Yum!

2. Sushi- Shhhhh..... don't tell anyone.... I've ACTUALLY smuggled a bottle of Coconut Secret aminos INTO sushi restaurants to use in lieu of soy sauce! Don't judge me.... if you try it with sushi, you won't want to go back, either.

3. Sauce- Last fall when I was on a 90-day candida overgrowth detox, these bottles of joy really came through for me- I was using it as dipping sauce and on top of my seaweed and coconut wraps with chicken salad, veggies, you name it. SO good. The Teriyaki and Garlic are especially good and a bit thicker for dipping purposes.

4. Marinade- Grilling out? Use the Coconut Aminos with equal parts EVOO for a delicious marinade on your chicken and steak. Oh-EM-gee. SO good!

5. Stir Fry- Sneaking any one of these- especially the Teriyaki* or Garlic- into your stir fry while sauteeing is absolutely glorious.... and drizzling a generous amount on top of your finished dish? Even better. In our house, stir fry = cauli rice, some combo of veggies (usually onions, mushrooms, peppers, shredded carrots and cabbage) and ALWAYS a protein, usually chicken. If I'm feeling creative (read: I have extra time on my hands...), I'll make up a small pot of honey orange sauce and let it simmer with aminos included in the sauce as well. (*if you're sugar-sensitive or have candida overgrowth tendencies like I do, consider using the Teriyaki Sauce sparingly as sugar content is higher than Aminos and Garlic Sauce.)

6. Fish- Wild-caught salmon and other fish can be an incredible addition to your diet and offers many benefits. If you're wanting to boost your fish intake but you're not a crazy fish-eater, using the Teriyaki or Garlic Sauce, especially when baking, and as a finished sauce can absolutely bring more flavor to your meal!  Check out this wild-caught pollock tropical salad, with avo, mango and spinach! I drizzled Garlic Sauce all over the top! 


Are you drooling yet? Go check out Coconut Secret at your local health food store, give them some love on IG (@coconutsecretofficial) or come swing by my Favorite Things shop and snag a bottle to try. (Coming early May to the shop!) I'd love to hear how you use YOUR aminos!

Until next time, eat clean, live green and lift mean ;)


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