Paleo Puppy Chow {recipe} - Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free/Grain-Free/Refined-Sugar Free/Paleo-Friendly

You guys, you're going to need to lock this up and let someone else set the combo if you make this SERIOUSLY {addictive} delicious holiday munchy snack-dessert!

I grew up eating what we Midwesterners call "puppy chow"..... basically, a heaven of melted chocolate, peanut butter mixed together with puffy rice cereal thrown in and covered, then powdered to death with confectioner's sugar. The result? A snack/dessert around the holidays that you didn't want to stop eating.

But...... what's a girl to do when she can't have peanuts, refined sugar OR grains? I have held back on attempting this one for awhile because I just wasn't sure how to legit pull off the crowning glory of the powdered sugar on this dessert.

Then I came upon Swerve. BAM! Life changed in the kitchen when it comes to desserts. I had seen it recommended in other recipes in the Paleo/sugar-free realm for quite awhile, but honestly hesitated to try it because, well.... now I can't remember why, but I finally gave it a go for some heavenly Paleo pecan snowball cookies (I can't stop making/eating those either... ayeeee.). Can I just tell you? Game. Changer. I was in love with monkfruit sweetener for a good long while but then realized that something in it hates my gut so I had to give it up. But Swerve? A-OK for this leaky gut girl who also happens to be dealing with hormonal issues and hereditary blood sugar issues. So, Swerve is my new hero!

I saw a yummy recipe by Detoxinista and was inspired to give it a go but with my own twist (always marching to a different drum, y'all!) and here it is...... for those of you who can't have peanuts, or grains, or actual SUGAR for whatever reason, I give you this heavenly.....



Paleo Puppy Chow


- 1 cup Know Foods or Lily's Chocolate Chips (sweetened w/ either allulose or stevia- refined sugar free!)

- 1/2 cup sunflower butter (tastes most closely like peanut butter & allergen-free)

- 4 cups Thrive or Julian Bakery Paleo coconut flakes (use link to save 25% on them!)

- 1.5 cups Swerve confectioners sugar



- In a saucepan on LOW heat, combine and melt chocolate chips and sunflower butter until smooth. Be careful not to overheat or it will get clumpy or burn.

- While melting chocolate/sunflower butter, put coconut flake cereal into a large mixing bowl. When mixture is fully melted, pour over the coconut flake cereal and gently stir until well coated.

- Add in confectioners sugar into the mixture until well-coated and place into refrigerator to set.



Enjoy! Can be refrigerated or frozen to keep longer, but TBH.... it usually doesn't stick around long enough to need it!

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