Happy Thanksgiving!

Adrienne Neale

Y'all... it's been a wild ride the last few months. You know when you try to take on too much, and your health starts to suffer? Yeah, me neither. (ahem...) But honestly, I was trying to keep up with too much, and found myself in a downward spiral of stress, my health getting worse and autoimmune conditions coming back. Too much, even if it's good stuff, can quickly turn bad if you have zero margin, zero room for rest and self-care and you're always stressed, and what used to be fun is just one more thing to do and you're just exhausted. I've taken a 13-week hiatus from the site, and my 14-week diet detox ends NEXT Thursday on Thanksgiving (didn't plan it that way, but how COOL?)....

That said, it's my FAVORITE time of year- people become more outwardly-focused, it's a season of intentionality to be THANKFUL for all we have (we have much to be thankful for) and if I'm honest.... the FOOD..... oh my goodness, thank you Lord for Thanksgiving food!

5 years ago, I was a Velveeta- and cream o'mushroom soup-loving kinda girl... with all the gluten, all the fake stuff and eating processed foods didn't phase me at all (except I felt like poo but thought that was just part of it). Then.... Andy got sick. Very sick. And I got pregnant, and then sick with my own symptoms, too. So.... this new way of life meant changing our diet if we wanted to heal. What in the WORLD did that mean for one of our favorite meals of the year... Thanksgiving?

It meant learning how to make old favorites a NEW way... still delicious, but swapping out the processed, unhealthy stuff that makes you feel like crap, for the nutrient-dense, healthy alternatives. I want to encourage you, it CAN be done. And you can even feel GREAT after eating your Thanksgiving meal instead of bloated, tired, thirsty and toxic. If you're hosting, or have signed up to bring a dish somewhere next week.... and you have NO idea what to make or bring... but you want some healthy ideas, take heart!

I'm sharing some of my own favorite go-to recipes on the blog. I've made these while hosting Thanksgiving the last two years and they are a hit. Each recipe will have its own page, with EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND ingredients and recipes. I'm a simple girl who uses simple ingredients and zero fancy terms or equipment to make easy but yummy dishes. I hope you'll check them out! And if you end up using them, share your pictures and stories on our Facebook page! (

I hope to be posting more regularly again, keeping balance in mind, and truly wish each of you reading this a most wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!




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