BONUS: Super-Cute, Cheap Thanksgiving Table Settings

Adrienne Neale

If you're having kids for your Thanksgiving meal, or have a group with a whimsical sense of humor... or, like me, you just like doing crafty things every once in a while where you get to upcycle, this one was FUN last year!

Pilgrim Napkin Rolls:

Save up a few empty toilet paper rolls, paint them black, take white construction paper and cut out tiny strips with notches in the middle. Cut the toilet paper rolls so there's 3-4 little hoops from each roll. Glue a white notched strip to the top of each.

Find a headshot for each of your guests (think Facebook or other social), and print them, then cut out and place on cardstock or construction paper to make stronger. Cut so just the head is out and leave room on top- you'll be gracing heads with pilgrim hats shortly.

Find a fun Pilgrim hat (or Native American headdress.... suit your fancy!), print enough for each guest, then glue atop their little heads.

Roll up your silverware into a napkin, then slip the napkin into your custom napkin ring.

Name Tents:

Choose your garnish (I found these cute little fake leaves at the dollar store), cut out approximately 4"x4" squares from cardstock, then fold in half. Cut out smaller rectangles of construction or scrapbook paper in a variety of fall colors - these will be your frame for your hand-written name tags. Choose a lighter color and hand-write your guest's first name, then glue the name tag onto the colorful backing, and the whole thing onto the folded name tent. Glue on your garnish for finishing touch. Enjoy!

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