6 Workout Tips for Busy Moms


Hi, Adrienne here.... I'm mama to a three year old who, while sweet and amazing, has incredible amounts of energy and still requires a lot of time and attention. I also run my own business as a contractor with clients doing admin and project management work, run our Holistic Made Easy business, and operate businesses with my husband, Andy, in both IDLife and doTERRA. So it's safe to say I'm busy. Something I've learned along the way is that if I sacrifice my workout time for the sake of whatever it is that I *think may be more important, I'm ultimately the one who suffers and then, let's be real, those around me suffer, too. Because I didn't burn off the stress, because I'm frustrated I didn't just take the time to work out, because I allowed myself to put everything else ahead of me again, etc., etc.


If you're trying to stick to working out consistently, I'm here to tell you, it's not always easy, but it is possible- AND... you might have to get creative. It might not look the same every day. As long as you're doing SOMETHING and you're taking care of the one body you've been gifted with- you won't regret it. Trust me, the laundry, bills, emails, and 395823597335 other things hollering at you for your attention can wait a dang 20-30 minutes so you have YOUR time. Here are 6 tips to get that workout in:


#1. The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) timer is your new BFF. Timed short bursts of hard work followed by shorter timed breaks = max burn in the very limited time you do have. Download a free HIIT timer to your phone and program it for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, for a total of 6 reps. That's 4 minutes. Y'all, you can get a LOT of sweating done in one set of HIIT if you do it well. Do this 4-5 times and you'll feel like a million bucks in no time.

#2. Make time for it. It's not just going to happen. There will ALWAYS be something you can justify doing instead. But don't listen. YOU are important and your self-care is, too. If it means your husband, partner, friend has to watch your little person so you can sweat for 20 minutes, do it. If you are flying solo and don't have that option, make it one big dance workout party and give your child something they can do, too, or ......
#3. Incorporate them into your regimen. Holding a 30-lb toddler adds great resistance when you're doing push-ups, sit-ups, planks, walking lunges, squats, even shoulder press and calf raises! They are getting attention and snuggles while you burn off some calories and tone up! Win. Win.
#4. Take it outside. Get outside with your kiddos. If they're still in a stroller, go find a steep hill and huff and puff your way right up to the top with them! Go to the park and do walk/jog intervals. If they're too big for a stroller, get out with scooters, bikes, whatever you have and go out for a family outing. Pack snacks and a drink for them and a nice hydration drink and/or protein shake for post-outing and you're totally winning. (We suggest some amazing ones here for you and your littles: HYDRATION, ADULT SHAKE, KID'S SHAKE, non-dairy SHAKE.)
#5. Go old school. Remember how fun relay races were as a kid? Make your workout into a relay race with various options and get to skipping, froggy jumping, galloping, three-legged racing, crab walking, jump roping, hopscotching, zig-zagging and jumping thru cones with your babies!
#6. Make naptime YOUR time. If you have the ability to work out and your child(ren) still nap, girl....this is YOUR time! Yes, there is ALWAYS something else nagging for your attention, but at the end of the day, getting time in to care for YOU when you're constantly pouring out and doing so much for others is way more important than whatever it is you THINK you have to get done right this second. Taking a few minutes to bust out some reps not only helps you feel stronger, it balances out stress hormones, reducing cortisol and releasing endorphins, boosts your immune system, and let's be real, helps you be a happier Mama when nap time is over. If your kiddos don't nap, then find that time that you can carve out consistently. Maybe it's getting up before everyone else, or sneaking a few minutes once the kids are in bed. Whenever it is, put it on the calendar, plan for it and make that YOUR time.
How do you fit your fitness and wellness into your busy schedule?
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