3 Tips to Owning Holiday Meals This Season

The holidays are literally just around the corner.... while everyone else is pumpkining away, my headspace is already (always!) in the holidays... Thanksgiving, Christmas, family birthdays, friendsgiving, get-togethers... one of my favorite seasons!

A few years ago, this stressed me to the max because we were new to trying to eat cleaner and we had no idea where to begin. So, from one Paleo/autoimmune Paleo vet to you, wherever you are in your health and wellness journey, here are....

3 Tips to Owning Holiday Meals This Season

1. Plan ahead. It's no surprise that (American) Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November every year, and Christmas is roughly one month after that. So... why in the world do we procrastinate, panic and stress out year after year? Stop putting yourself in crisis mode and plan ahead. Figure out what you're making/bringing and get whatever ingredients you can get ahead of time.... before the rush hits and everyone comes out of the woodwork to get that last can of pumpkin puree. Don't get caught up in the last-minute rush this year!

2. Work smarter, not harder. If you have services like Kroger ClickList, Amazon Prime NOW and Costco 2-Day Delivery available to you, this might be a great time to utilize them! It's only $5 to have your Kroger groceries brought out to your car, which for us is totally worth my time NOT hassling around the store when I could be getting other things done in our business, with my son, etc. If you're an Amazon Prime member, check availability for Prime NOW in your area-- you can get items from both Amazon and Whole Foods delivered. To. Your. Door. Delivery is free but there is a tip added, which you can scale up or down as you see fit. Someone who bags and drives my organic canned goods, pastured eggs, uncured meats, kombucha and produce to my door? Ummm, yes please! And Costco.... if you have a membership, did you know that with a $75 minimum order on 2-Day Delivery items, you can have those items delivered to your doorstep? Let's be real, you're getting toilet paper, paper towels, tissues anyway, so stock up, add in your organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and other bulk supplies and save yourself the time! (And maybe even a few calories with bypassing the friendly and persuasive sample carts..)

3. Make healthy swaps to your recipes. Okay, okay. I get it that Aunt Myrna's casserole has been in the family for 75 years and that the holidays simply can't happen unless her dish graces your table. But..... you can make swaps to make that dish (and pretty much every other one!) way healthier-- and your body and your family's bodies will thank you! Imagine a holiday meal that doesn't leave you feeling bloated, foggy, anxious, nauseated, dizzy, with skin issues, headaches, etc. It is possible! A few easy swaps is to opt for far less processed ingredients-- if your recipe calls for "processed cheese-flavored product", maybe sub for umm... actual organic raw cheese? And if you need a can of cream of mushroom, there are organic, and even gluten-free versions. And I have my own version (hint hint). Try subbing almond or coconut milk for regular, pasteurized milk and your guts will thank you!

If you're ready to take your holiday meals to the next level, these are all great places to start!!

And if you want a lot of the hard work done for you (because, I know.... ain't nobody got time to vet new recipes!), hop over and check out our new Clean Holiday Meal Guide! I've put together almost TWENTY (18, to be exact) recipes that are tried and true in our kitchen, that I've put together these last few years for our own Thanksgiving feasts. Check out what comes in this guide, y'all..

crudite platter
charcuterie board

oven-roasted turkey
oven-roasted lemon & garlic whole chicken

organic mashed potatoes
organic sweet corn
paleo sweet potato casserole
paleo california vegetable casserole
paleo green bean casserole
paleo stuffing
mushroom gravy
paleo "grammy" (deviled) eggs
sliced cooked beets

nan nan's (paleo) pumpkin pie (4th generation)
autoimmune berry/peach/apple crisp
cranberry & almond chocolate clusters
homemade chocolate cake with ganache
dairy-free 'nog (egg-free option, too!)


Are you drooling yet? I'm ready to go make Thanksgiving food RIGHT. NOW.

PLUS we threw in a guide on how to figure out how much of the staples you need to purchase, a meal prep schedule (holiday sanity saver, I tell ya!), AND suggested links to help you cut corners and maybe even save some $$$ on your clean ingredients.

You can snag yours for 25% off thru Thanksgiving with the code FALL25 at checkout!

We hope these tips help bring a bit of sanity and joy back to your holiday season- stay well, practice gratitude, eat clean, train mean and be well!



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